Health Fairs and Health Screenings: What are they?

Phlebotek provides phlebotomists and medical assistants for health and wellness screenings almost every day of the week, all year long.

What is a Health Fair?
A health fair is an educational and interactive event designed for outreach to provide basic preventive medicine and medical screening to people in the community or employees at work in conjunction with workplace wellness. Health fairs are typically offered in the community, on site corporations, work sites, churches or schools. They consist of a variety of vendors and exhibitors that educate on all aspects of health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle improvements. It is very common to see health screenings such as cholesterol testing or blood pressure screenings. Health Fairs are advertised and promoted ahead of time by and are usually a one-day event. Health fairs are often organized and run by professional health fair organization companies but can also be done by medical providers, benefits directors, medical students or nurses.

What is a Health or Biometric Screening?
Health Screenings are tests, physicals, or exams that look for diseases before you have symptoms. Screening tests can find diseases early, when they’re easier to treat. Generally, the earlier a health-care provider is able to diagnose a health condition, the better likelihood there is to successfully treat that condition.

There are companies that offer health screenings for various conditions and the conclusions reached by them should always be discussed with a health-care provider. Just as health screenings are a tool to be used to promote good health, so are the health-care provider’s education and knowledge of your individual situation and experience.

Phlebotek provides phlebotomists, medical assistants, and other medical professionals to companies that host or manage health screenings and fairs. It is far easier and more cost effective to send a group of medical technicians to a group of people rather than send everyone to their doctor.

Objectives of a Health Screening

  • Determine if you have any signs or symptoms of ill health or disease
  • Potentially prevent ill health or health complications
  • Provide early detection of many health conditions and diseases that can be life-threatening
  • Identify vital tools in a health-care provider’s arsenal for optimum health care

If you’re scheduled to work a Health or Biometric Screening with Phlebotek, you’ll join a group of other medical professionals like you to draw blood and possibly take vitals such as height, weight or blood pressure.