Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I apply?
A: By completing an application HERE

Q: Can you find me a job?
A: Phlebotek provides healthcare organizations with phlebotomists and medical assistants. These organizations have requirements for who can work for them. After applying on our website, our recruiters will match the requirements of the employers with the skills on your application. If there is a match, you may get a phone call or email for an interview.

Q: Do you have jobs in my area?
A: We staff nationwide. You are welcome to call in or check our job search area.

Q: Is there a fee or cost for the phlebotomist or medical assistant?
A: Not at all. The organization that needs your services will be covering the costs. We will also never ask you to purchase your own supplies or equipment.

Q: Do you have offices where I can visit?
A: If you work for Phlebotek, you work at the company that needs you. There is no need to come to our office.

Q: I see a job open, have applied, and no one is contacting me. Why?
A: There could be a few reasons why we might not contact you:

  • The most common reason is that there are thousands phlebotomists in our system. When we need someone, we have many phlebos to choose from and can’t always get back to everyone.
  • We offer jobs to phlebotomists that we have worked with in the past before considering anyone else. Our recruiting team will most likely still advertise the job on the chance that none of them are available.
  • The position was filled and resumes are still collected for future openings in that area.
  • We may have someone scheduled, but look for back ups just in case.
  • You did not follow the directions in the job post or a recruiter feels you do not meet the requirements for that job.
  • We are bidding to staff the position and need to show to company all of the phlebotomists available.

Q: Can I check on the status of my application?
A: As the largest Phlebotomy Staffing agency, we have over 60,000 phlebotomists and medical assitants on file and receive hundreds of calls a day. We are unable to provide applicants with status updates. We try, but are not always able to respond to every call or email. You will be contacted if there is a position that a recruiter would like to match you with.

Q: Can I have a confirmation that my application was received?
A: If you filled out your application directly on our website, you will receive an onscreen confirmation after you click the submit button. You may have to scroll to the top of the screen to see it.