Phlebotomy Jobs

Phlebotomy work is a integral part of the modern healthcare industry. It is a field that demands that the practitioners be specially trained for collecting blood specimens. This is the most essential and common part of most medical professionals. The medical professionals / phlebotomists in charge of blood work must be knowledgeable in a variety of fields including anatomy and physiology.

Phlebotomy job opportunities have grown in pace with the rise in human population and the shortage of people being the field. There are jobs for a phlebotomist in all general hospitals, research centers, wellness companies, laboratories, emergency wards, private sector facilities, and within the national blood banks. Many phlebotomists work in mobile blood collection, traveling between public centers and private residences to draw blood work specimens. There are even jobs in the realms of law enforcement, state penitentiaries, drug testing facilities, and rehabilitation centers for the phlebotomist.

Phlebotomy jobs range from a small physician’s office all the way up to drawing blood from a whole Department within the Government. Now more than ever, the medical field is in need of qualified and well-trained people to fill jobs related to the phlebotomy field. The demand for these people continues to grow simply because professionals that have a higher education in the medical industry cannot draw blood at the level of a phlebotomist. A seasoned phlebotomists can always find a job due to their expertise and holding a 97% average of successful draws. To put it clearly, if you have experience and can draw 97 out of 100 patients, you most likely will have a great paying phlebotomy job. Phlebotomy is one of the most important areas of modern medicine. People need to get there blood taken and who else can do it besides a phlebotomist? This is why there are always jobs for phlebotomists.

A Phlebotomist’s salary (estimated by the United States Government Bureau of Labor Data) fluctuates with respect to the specific geographical location as well as the demand in that region.
Based on the US Department of Labor, there are roughly 16,000 phlebotomists who bring home an income as a result of remaining currently employed. The precise range is hard to ascertain because they’re placed together with the 79,600 medical science lab technologists along with specialists working in the United States.

Of the many Phlebotomists working in the country, a large number work inside medical hospitals as well as clinical surroundings. A wide variety of these individuals are employed by laboratories, employment agencies and then within federal and state authorities agencies. The finest compensating markets are hospital and private wellness corporations with an average of $42,000 per year. The pay also highly depends on the travel time of the phlebotomist.

Before getting placed and landing a phlebotomy job, you must consider some of the following factors. The longer a phlebotomist performs his or hers duties and the more experience they gain, the higher their pay will become. In this field, experience of between 1 and 4 years is usually needed before moving up to the higher levels of pay. If you are out of college, there are companies that will hire and place you. We can always assist you by placing you in a laboratory or a blood bank where you can gain that experience by drawing many patients on daily basis.

For those just out of school, pay average is approximately $22,000 per year. After 1 to 4 years, pay can increase to about $27,000. For those with 5 to 9 years of hands on experience, pay can approach $32,000 per year. With 10 to 20 years of experience, a salary of approximately $38,000 a year is fairly common. Twenty years or more experience can lead to pay of around $45,000 per year.

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