Permanent Phlebotomy and Medical Assisting Jobs

Phlebotek Staffing is working around the clock to place phlebotomists and medical assistants into permanent positions. We understand that phlebotomy techs and medical assistants want to have job security. It is our mission to find you a permanent phlebotomy or medical assistant job. In order to accomplish that goal, please read some tips that we have listed below. These tips can help you find a phlebotomy job within any medical company.

Permanent Phlebotomy and Medical Assistants Jobs- Steps To Success

Many phlebotomy and medical assistant job seekers are looking for a permanent job that offers stability, a steady paycheck and benefits. The phlebotomy and medical assistant job markets can be extremely competitive. According to Phlebotek research, there was only one job opening for every 100 unemployed phlebotomist or medical assistants in June, 2011.

Unfortunately, in an unstable economy many hospitals, laboratories, and wellness companies reduce the number of permanent phlebotomy jobs and offer temporary or part-time work instead. In order to find a permanent phlebotomist position, you have to develop and execute a well thought out job search plan. Phlebotek can help you prepare in your interviews with employers to get a permanent phlebotomy job.

Step 1 – Resumes
Prepare a strong resume and cover letter that clearly states that you are a phlebotomist. Phlebotomy employers search for professional resumes and well-written cover letters. These are necessary to find full-time employment. Always keep printed copies of your phlebotomy resume handy to give to potential employers and contacts. You should also save an electronic version of your phlebotomy resume to your computer and a flash drive for easy access or to upload to online.

Step 2 – Phlebotomy Job Search
Post your phlebotomy resume and search for permanent-job openings on online job search boards. Do not use the paid services. Phlebotek concentrates on phlebotomy staffing only, but there are other staffing companies that can help you find a job if you are a MA or a Nurse. Staffing companies tend to find jobs better and faster for you because the employer doesn’t need to make a commitment. Being placed temporarily can result in permanent phlebotomy placement if you have the right phlebotomy skills and can perform your role in a timely and professional level. A convenient way to get your name out and to search for jobs is to use our job search area. Specify on your profile that you are seeking
a full-time, permanent position, but would be open to all available work. Some employers look among posted resumes to find job candidates for open positions. Employers also use the job boards to advertise job openings.

Step 3 – Local Searching

Scour newspapers for local companies that are looking for phlebotomists. Even with the internet being the primary source for jobs, many companies are still catching up to adapt. These will be your local phlebotomy companies that are always advertising in the newspapers. Local companies tend to be smaller private companies, which could result in a better paying phlebotomy job. Check Hospital and Laboratory company websites for permanent career opportunities. Check the Medical section of the employment classifieds area of your local newspaper for full-time job postings.

Step 4 – Networking

Spend time networking with friends and colleagues to learn about permanent phlebotomy job openings. You may find phlebotomy job leads and inside phlebotomy information by networking with individuals who have connections within the phlebotomy field. It’s always good to join an online networking site such as (Phlebotek on LinkedIn) or join Phlebotomy groups (Phlebotek on Facebook) to make new connections and see what opportunities are there for permanent phlebotomy jobs. Look for phlebotomy job fairs where you can meet representatives from several different companies. Phlebotek occasionally visits job fairs and colleges across the nation. We have many people come out and meet us in person. Take the next step, finding a phlebotomy job is simple when you put all the effort into finding a phlebotomy job.

Step 5 – First Impressions

Have a clean, professional outfit ready to wear for the phlebotomy job interviews. You do not need to spend an extreme amount of money on a new business suit, but you should have professional attire that is already cleaned and pressed so you are ready in a moments notice. For phlebotomy job interviews, dress a step nicer than what the employer expects on the job. For example, being a phlebotomist, you usually wear a uniform to work also know as scrubs. When you go to the interview dress business savvy, this shows the employer that you mean business and you are a professional.

Although you are looking for Full Time work, do not pass up part time or temporary phlebotomy jobs for a full time one. Any jobs will add to your resume and skills!