Paramedical Examiner Jobs

What is a Paramed?
A Paramed is an industry nickname for a medical professional that performs a variety of medical procedures, mainly Paramedical Insurance Exams. The full

name for this person is a Paramedical Examiner.
What procedures does a Paramed do?
A Paramedical Examiner will ask questions about the patient’s medical history as well as collect bio samples. They will record your blood pressure, pulse,

height and weight. Depending on the exam, they may also require a urine sample, EKG , blood sample or a saliva sample.
Why does a paramed perform these services?
9 times out of 10, a paramedical examination is done for insurance purposes. The insurance company needs to analyze the risks of insuring someone.

Parameds also find work performing biometric health screenings.
Paramedical Examiner Jobs
Phlebotek has ongoing openings for those that either demonstrate the outstanding qualities of a ‘Paramed’ or those current mobile examiners already

working with a major paramedical organization such as A.P.P.S., EMSI, Exam One, Portamedic, etc. The requirements are strict, but a Portamedic / Paramed

can bring home a generous salary.
Most ParaMeds are independent contractors. You can accept and perform assignments as you wish.
This employment type is ideal for medical examiners, phlebotomists, doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and E.M.Ts. All must have either a: license,

certification or diploma, except for a Nursing License or doctors who specialize and have a license in: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Cardiology,

Occupational Medicine, and Emergency Medicine.
Being a Paramed is one of the easiest ways to become self employed as an independent contractor and set your own schedule and determine how much money you

are willing to earn for yourself. You’ll be serving inside your territorial area primarily, SO YOU MUST BE ABLE TO TRAVEL DAILY to various locations for

the examinations!
Paramedical Examiners will perform mobile medical examinations (i.e. Annual physical check up: E.K.G., vitals, pulses, height, weight, & chest

measurements, plus Medical History), drawing blood, and collecting urine, hair, breath, and saliva samples for testing cases or assignments at our

patient’s: home, work, doctor’s office, or workshop location, or hospital or in the field.
Independent contractors can earn between $20-$50 per case or assignment for up to an hour’s work with a patient, excluding: making appointments, online

status reports, traveling, and shipping.
Those with their own equipment will receive higher pay. Current paramedical examiners who are fully equipped generally have a centrifuge, Multiple Cuff

(3-5 cuffs) Manual B.P. Kit, stethoscope, scale (up to 460 pounds weight), scrub uniforms, 2 ice coolers & ice packs, cloth & metal tape measures, and

even 12 lead E.K.G. machines.
Examiners must be up to date on all certifications in your state. You must have reliable transportation with current & verifiable vehicle insurance &

registration, personal computer with internet access, privately secured file cabinet, paper shredder, cellular phone, fax machine with a dedicated line or

e-fax service, printer/copier/scanner combo or individual machine(s), and G.P.S. You must be able to navigate around your area with a G.P.S. You must have

at least two years of experience drawing blood and have drawn at least five hundred (500) times minimum (excluding your externship), and provide

references to verify it! You must be an excellent Phlebotomist, being able to draw blood from difficult patients who are: infants, seniors, obese,

mentally ill, injured, or pencil veined, in addition to the average person.
Character Requirements: Must be professional, reliable, excellent communication (speaking clearly & understandably, especially over the phone) and writing

skills (good English grammar, legible & neat for the forms), good bedside manners and very organized in: scheduling appointments, maintaining excellent

paperwork records, storing medical supplies, shipping, and data entry for computer literacy. A Paramedical Examiner needs to be caring and have patience

with people who may be nervous about receiving a medical screening. Paramedical Examiners often work without supervision and so must be self-motivated and

Examiner Responsibilities: Calling patients daily for scheduling appointments, interviewing patients and recording their medical history, taking &

recording physical and vital signs (height, weight, pulse, blood pressure, and chest measurement), collecting and processing: blood, urine, hair, breath,

and saliva samples, E.K.G.; shipping specimens, and providing daily internet status report updates to the office. Storing patient files, returning

voicemail & e-mail messages, shipping/delivering specimens, & calling the office daily.
You must be able to pass an in-depth employment check and criminal background investigation. Please do not apply if you are not qualified or serious about

the contract! Please do not call us or fax your information, we process our applicants via e-mail and the Human Resource Department’s representative will

call you when necessary. Check your e-mail inbox for our reply & questions on a daily basis, we will only give you several days to respond to our e-mail.
Phlebotek list’s Paramed job opportunities on our job board as well as on