Mobile Phlebotomy or Mobile Medical Assistant Jobs

Phlebotek has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of mobile phlebotomists or mobile medical assistant positions. Rather than having patients visit an office, many healthcare companies rather have someone visit the patients in their home or office.

A mobile phlebotomist or mobile medical assistant can be dream job. You get to visit multiple locations rather than sitting in the same office each day. Mobile phlebotomists or mobile medical assistants have additional responsibilities and get paid higher per hour compared to a stationary phlebotomist or medical assistant. A mobile phlebotomists or mobile medical assistant must:

  • Be Experienced (usually 2+ years)
  • Be Professional
  • Be Very reliable (you cannot miss an appointment
  • Be Tech Savvy and can use smart phones, faxes, emails and different software
  • Be Organized – it is hard to keep track of 5-10 appointments a day
  • Have reliable transportation

Depending on who you work for, you could be an independent contractor or an employee.

Characteristics of an independent contractor:

  • Generally make your own hours or accept/decline requests as you wish
  • Set or charge your own rates
  • Might have to buy and use your own supplies
  • Will most likely work with multiple companies for assignments

Characteristics of an employee:

  • Will have to visit the places or patients that are instructed to you
  • Paid rates set by the employer
  • Supplies are provided to you
  • More job security and might only work with one company

If being a mobile phlebotomist or medical assistant sounds like something you would want to do, apply with us today!