Locum Tenens and Per Diem Phlebotomy and Medical Assisting Jobs

Phlebotek offers locum tenens and per-diem work for phlebotomists and medical assistants. Phlebotek’s per-diem program offers a great way for phlebotomy techs and medical assistants to work part time and short events. There are many hospitals and laboratories that are always looking for per diem or locum tenens phlebotomists and medical assistants.

The definition of “locum tenens”, roughly translated from Latin, means “to hold a place.” In regard to employment, it refers to someone that is temping or filling-in for someone else.

“Per diem” is a Latin expression that mean “per day”. Per diem refers to a specific amount of money that an organization allows a phlebotomist to earn / spend per day, to cover living or traveling expenses in connection with phlebotomy work. It is the allowance given to the phlebotomist for completing a task or going on a phlebotomy job away from home.

Hospitals, Laboratories and Wellness companies use the per diem rate guide published by the General Service Administration, which provides rates for a number of cities across the country. When an medical facility reports the phlebotomist earnings at the end of the year on a W-2 form, per diem is listed separately from taxable income. Being a traveling phlebotomists allows you not to pay any taxes on the extra per diem money given to you by the medical employers.

Phlebotomy jobs may require you to travel from city to city on a yearly basis. To some this might be a great opportunity to see the country and work in different environments. To others that have many responsibilities, this might not be a good choice. So please consider this before applying for a per diem phlebotomy position with Phlebotek. When you are a per diem phlebotomist, companies understand that you will have additional expenses incurred while away from home.

Phlebotomists who work on a per diem basis are often referred to as contractors. Many phlebotomists do not understand the full meaning of per diem. You can be a full time phlebotomy employee and still get paid per diem. Per diem is extra pay that you receive on every day that you are out of town. Example of a per diem for a traveling phlebotomist could average out to about $60 dollars per day. About $50 of those dollars are considered for food. And the other $10 dollars are considered for your everyday expenses. Dry cleaning, traveling baggage, and any other necessary things that are needed on daily basis.