Entry Level Phlebotomy and Medical Assisting Jobs

Phlebotek understands the difficulty for recent graduates to find a phlebotomy or medical assisting job with minimum experience. Phlebotek is always working with universities, schools and colleges to place recent graduates with a phlebotomy or medical assisting job job.

After doing your clinicals, a phlebotomist is usually required to draw anywhere from 50-100 patients. Hospitals and Laboratories are usually looking for phlebotomist with at least one year experience because the draws tend to be over 1000 per applicant. Phlebotek understands that experience helps, but we have also seen that there are recent graduates that can draw blood just as good as a seasoned phlebotomist.

Your phlebotomy or medical assisting career needs to start somewhere to gain the experience, so don’t give up! Submit your application with Phlebotek and we will work with you to place you with a phlebotomy or medical assisting job or internship.

Phlebotomy salary negotiation is a risky proposition for most new college graduates specializing in phlebotomy or medical assisting. Phlebotek has the bargaining leverage to help you achieve a better paying phlebotomy job and finding a phlebotomy job. We specialize in finding out what your skills are and where you can use improvement.

Are you getting ready to graduate from college or getting your phlebotomy certification?
Are you a recent grad ready to settle into that first phlebotomy job?
Do you need a little help in getting started in the phlebotomy field?

If you are a college student or alumni, regardless of when you graduated, the first step is to visit, call or email your institution’s Career Office. Many career offices across the country know about Phlebotek Staffing and will guide you how to apply with us. There staff will be eager to help you through every step of the job search process. This will include self-assessment (figuring out the role your skills, values and interests will play in your work related choices), exploring different phlebotomy options to decide what you want to do, writing a phlebotomy resume and cover letter, and then finding the perfect job.

Starting a search for a Phlebotomy Position
The next step is to get going on a phlebotomy job search. According to recent surveys conducted by NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) phlebotomy employers continue to predict an increase in both the number of phlebotomy jobs and phlebotomy opportunities. Phlebotek can help you determine the starting salaries for phlebotomy graduating seniors. Phlebotomy employers canvassed in the survey stated they will be seeking phlebotomy candidates from a variety of schools that specialize in providing a phlebotomy certification.
Remember that it is never too late to begin a phlebotomy career. Many graduates will take a year or so off after college before looking for a “real” phlebotomy job. So start early by signing up with phlebotek phlebotomy staffing.