Contract Phlebotomy and Medical Assisting Jobs

A Contract Phlebotomy Job is perfect for some people. A contract job is one where an employer specifies the amount of time that they need a Phlebotomist or Medical Assistant. Perhaps an organization’s full time Phlebotomist broke a leg and they need someone to fill in for a while or maybe a busy office in Florida needs someone during the winter months when people come to escape the cold up North. Whatever the reason, a contract position can last from a day to many months.

Contract phlebotomy jobs tend to pay a bit more than full time jobs because there is a pre-determined end date. Some phlebotomists are uncomfortable not knowing what they will do when the contract is over. Employers know this and generally pay higher wages.

Some phlebotomists may get bored working at the same place for years and enjoy working at many different places. Phlebotek has many contract phlebotomy jobs available for those who are interested.