Biometric Health and Wellness Screening Jobs

Many phlebotomists and medical assistants have discovered that a professional career can be made from working Biometric Health and Wellness Screening Jobs. With high pay, short hours and new locations each time, what’s not to like?

Many companies with 25 or more employees have annual health screening events. During a health screening, a group of phlebotomists, nurses, or parameds will come to the company and examine each employee. This is far easier and more cost effective for a few medical professionals to visit the workplace rather than having each employee go to their doctor.

A health screening usually consists of drawing blood and taking biometric readings for height, weight, blood pressure and pulse. Large health screening companies will usually bring all of the supplies and equipment, but others may ask you to bring a stethoscope or blood pressure cuff.

A small health screening will last just one day for a few hours in the morning, while a health screening for big companies can sometimes take a week or more to screen each employee.

Health screenings are a great way to stay active, work on the days you might have off from your regular job, or if you are extremely reliable and experienced- you could even make it a full time career.

Phlebotek staffs health screenings every day of the week. Apply now if you would like to join our team!