Paycor Help

Phlebotek uses a payroll service company called PAYCOR to onboard and pay our contractors.

Once you are offered a position, Phlebotek will enter just a few pieces of information into the paycor system. This will create your account. The Paycor system will then email you create your account.

Here are the onboarding steps:

  • You will get a Registration email from PayCor (Click Here for example)
  • The email will have a special link and access code
  • Click the link
  • Enter your Last Name. The Access Code should automatically fill in the box, but if not, go back to your email and copy it
  • Continue
  • Create and User Name and Password. You’ll also confirm your email and phone number
  • Continue
  • Choose your security questions
  • Now you are in the system. You can review your personal information

You are responsible for making sure your information is accurate, including your direct deposit information.

Once you have online access, you’ll be able to add online timesheets/pay requests, update your own information and view your pay history.

There is a Paycor app for your mobile phone that lets you perform a majority of the features, however we ask that you use an internet browser/computer for your first sign in.

If you already have a registered account,Click Here to Log into Paycor

Click Here for a screenshot of where to update your Direct Deposit information.