Benefits of working one day and other short term assignments

Q: Is it “worth it” to work short-term assignments? Why?

A: Throughout the years, Phlebotek has offered one day or short term assignments to thousands of phlebotomists and medical assistants. Sometimes we get negative responses from techs who think it isn’t worth their time. Allow us to explain why short term assignments are more valuable than you think.

Pay is generally 25-100% higher than you’re normal wage

It shows willingness to work. By showing us you’re interested in a job, you’re showing us you WANT to work. Knowing this, we are more inclined to offer you more assignments. Our top staff call US for more jobs.

Think of it as a foot in the door or a trial-run. By offering you a short-term assignment, we are letting you show us what you can do. Every little step counts and attitude goes a long way.
Accepting a short term assignment also gives you a chance to work for us and see if you like our company. We would like to share our excellent customer service and great assignments and then reward your work with quick payments.

Unfortunately, in our current job economy, there are many more phlebotomists than there are positions available. Competition is high and phlebotomists that work for us are the first to be contacted and interviewed when a full-time or part-time position becomes available. We know that they will show up for work, they follow directions, have a great attitude, and will do a fantastic job. It is difficult to offer someone a full-time job when we haven’t worked together before, so those one-day assignments definitely do you favors.

If you work for us for a day or two and a month later we need a phlebotomist in your area. Who do you think we will call first? That’s right, YOU! We have had phlebotomists that worked a one-day assignment and because they did a great job, we were able to offer them more and more assignments. If you ask other phlebotomists, these can add up.

Lastly, working with new companies is a great way to get a foot in the door, add to your resume, meet new employers and other phlebotomists in your area. So, for you phlebotomists that think these one-day assignments are a waste of your time, think again!